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Sdružení přátel piva


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Beer games

 13-1-2014: This time, the offer of our beer bar was rather atypical. The beer list only included interesting beers from the countries of the former Austro-Hungarian Empire, with the old monarchy being the central theme of the evening held for the pharmaceutical company Abbvie, at Moravská Chalupa in Brno. Besides a beer tasting, attendants could consult the available beer cards with all the information about the beers, as well as a map of the former Austro-Hungarian Empire showing all the breweries represented at this beer event. And even though most of the attendants were from the more beautiful part of humanity, the attractiveness of our beer bar wasn’t affected, quite the opposite in fact. Photos from the event can be seen here:

 21-11-2013: The brewery Jelínkova vila in Velkém Meziříčí was the scene of a very unusual duel. As a part of the evening program for the two day meeting Czech Brewers and Maltsters Association we played beer roulette with true beer professionals and we were already worried about our beer bank. Our bank didn’t go broke, though the players at both tables were excellent – all of them experts in the field (brewers, owners, directors of breweries, people from ICT, etc.). Among the players was, for example, the chairman of the Association, František Šámal. But only the six best could go to the final round. And even though the important thing here wasn’t to win, but to participate (and, whe should add, have fun), it would be unfair if we failed to mention the winner of this prestigious tournament, Jaromír Fiala, consultant at CBMA from the Institute of Chemical Technology. You can see photos of the event here.

 3 June, 2013: June’s floods fortunately didn’t affect the Maximus Hotel by the Brno dam, and nothing prevented an evening with a tasting of foreign beers that took place during an event organised by HP. Attendants could get a lot of interesting information about beer in general, and, especially, taste some. Samples came mainly from Belgium, Germany, Holland, Scotland and the USA, and convinced the participants of their quality, not only thanks to their strength, but also thanks to their flavours and aromas, unusual in some cases for Czech consumers.

 A dress parade, competitions and a lot of fun – that was the EXPATS GAMES OPENING PARTY. All those who came to 360°Lounge Bar on Saturday 4th May could feel not only about the fashion show  with the finalists and winners of the Miss Expat competition but also could test their proficiency in the Czech history, sports, geography and literature.

This evening party was a forerunner of the EXPAT GAMES drawing near in late May which are to become the greatest social and sports event for Czechs living abroad and foreigners living in the Czech Republic. The fashion show parade culminated in the parade of evening dresses and a promenade of young girls who excelled in the Miss Expat beauty competition. Afterwards there were several open competitions branded as the Czech Party Games. For example, the visitors could sport with the world champion Jan Zelezny and test their skills in throwing the javelin (simulated by a XBox) or bring to trial their acquaintance with the Czech beer traditions in a quiz that will be extended in the next party by a competition in the recognition of various beers selected from the production of the best Czech minibreweries. DJ Patrik and C’Moi provided the musical accompaniment during the whole duration of party ending in the early morning.

We thank the participants who came for having a good time and invite all for the main event of this spring time – EXPAT GAMES – that will be held on May 25th commencing at 11 a.m. in the campus of the Czech Agricultural University in Prague – Suchdol area.



  This informal business meeting took place in Šalanda of the Brewers House on 1 November 2012. Traditionally šalanda used to be a room down in the brewery cellars where the brewsters and maltsters gathered for their buffeting. Now it represents a brewery-type of restaurants. This Šalanda is an ideal place for such meetings for its position in the centre of Prague and for the provision of its own special beers and lagers. The end of official programme turned into a participation in our original beer roulette, which attracted the interest of nearly all participants changing the environment of šalanda into a sort of Monte Carlo.
The roulette was played on two tables in two heats (each testing 10 beers). The best players passed on to the finals where they were challenged by recognizing a new batch of samples. The gain prize was also characteristic – beer packages with the rare beer collection of Czech and foreign origin in patent bottles of the Czech Beer Tours. Photogallery: