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Sdružení přátel piva


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Beer games

 11 October 2012: There is an extensive ruin of the medieval castle Cornstejn on the one side of Vranov Dam lake and opposit on the other bank there is the Rumburak hotel site. Although employees and partners of Technoprocur CZ convened at the Annual Meeting could admire the castle, their eyes intercepted another attraction as the dusk was approaching: it was the moderated beer-tasting event which commenced at 7 p.m. The samples represented the Czech beer specials, especially those less known from small breweries and minibreweries from all Bohemia and Moravia.
The program culminated with the final Degustation Triangle Test. All successful “puzzlers” were rewarded by our original glasses. Pictures from the event can be found HERE.

 25 August 2012 – There was an unexpected surprise for all invited guests when Mr. Pavel Koran declared in his evening presentation that he decided to run a candidacy in the elections for the President of the Czech Republic. The evening social event was also dedicated to the tasting of special beers. So our company could not miss the opportunity of preparing several interesting draught lagers and organising a beer competition in form of a roulette targeting foreign products and an ability to recognize their differences. Photogallery.



 It was Czech beers from microbreweries what brought the Dutch beer lovers to Prague from Nijmegen in February 2012. The original program was slightly updated due to the Arctic weather and the requests of the guests. So, we included a visit to Jama Pub and its wide beer range from Pivovar Lobkowicz y other small breweries (Matuška, Žatec, Chotěboř). That was followed by a planned surprise in the shape of beer games at the Samsa Café, where our group could test their tasting skills and also enjoy some beers from Pivovar Polička. Photogallery.

 On Friday, 16th December 2012, the company Sunnysoft Ltd. held a meeting for its business partners at Brewers House. The program was beer in many shapes. Besides food, the evening also included a guided tasting of Czech special beers that showed different beers styles. This way, the attendants, instead of the traditional Czech lagers, they were able to discover mostly lesser known top fermented beers. The tasting was followed by beer games that put test the tasting skills of the players, who compared different beers in several ways. The best tasters among the partners of the company were rewarded with valuable beer prizes. Photogallery.

On 15 October 2011 the company  sAutoleasing Inc. held a meeting of their commercial partners that was organised by Headmade Ltd. agency. Its social programme centred around the beer and its many humorous aspects in the Czech culture. So, along with several dancing performances, exhibition of a fictitious car crash performed by Marek Faust or a show of Zdenek Izer, there were more challenges offered to participants and related to beer. There were three moderated beer tastings, sampling various beer types originated world-wide, Czech specials and beers with awards). For the whole evening the participants could compete in the Czech and the international beer roulette and in beer-tasting recognition games. In addition, there were present experts in the beer bar helping the consumers with the choice of served Czech and international beers. (Photogallery)