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Sdružení přátel piva


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Beer tours

  A-Tout, the journal for French living in the Czech Republic wrote this about our activities:

 The European agency EURid is an exclusive registry and administrator of one of the most widely used internet domain names: the .EU. It was appointed to that job by the European Commission in 2003. At the end of the 2012 this agency shot and official document whose objective was to introduce Prague to international audience using (or planning to use) the .EU as a domain. They decided to do so in a less conventional approach, which at the same time would unveil a tradition characterising the whole country. It was no surprise to us that at the end the choice fell on the tradition of mini and small breweries, beer and the culture surrounding the beer. Indeed, these enjoy a tradition that stretches back to the Czech history hundreds of years ago and which has been branded as the “Czech life style”.
In addition, it was in those very small breweries, in contrast to local multinationals, where the Czech beer retained its past world-wide originality, fame, top quality and the unique taste. Czech Beer Tours was asked to become the consultant and the guide. By the way, it was not only because our domain has been actually  The whole document introducing the Czech beer culture is on Youtube and you can see it by clicking HERE. Photogallery here:

Movie - Czech Beer Tours for the European agency EURid.

Movie – Czech Beer Tours for the European agency EURid.

  At the turn of September and October Prague hosted a group of beer fans from Canada. Although each of them had a different profession there was one bond which tied them together: the love for beer. In the first day of their programme they sampled the intensive inter-connection between gastronomy and various types of beer, which was offered by the Brewers Club. Here it is the quality and not the quantity that matters. In the next day there was waiting for them the Beer Circle around Prague. It included the acquaintance of the long local history of brewing accompanied with tasting appropriate excellent beers brewed in Brewers House, minibrewery U Medvidku (At Little Bears) and another minibrewery of Stony Bridge, and a site-seeing of its technologies. The next evening culminated in visiting the restaurant Jama (The Hole) in the centre of Prague. This place offers a distinctive social environment where the extensive choice of most varied Czech beers from small and family breweries is a part of it. Altogether, that trip was an amazing experience for all underpinned by one unexpected thing: an exceptionally beautiful Indian summer full of bright sunshine. Photos are to be found HERE.

 It was Czech beers from microbreweries what brought the Dutch beer lovers to Prague from Nijmegen in February 2012. The original program was slightly updated due to the Arctic weather and the requests of the guests. So, we included a visit to Jama Pub and its wide beer range from Pivovar Lobkowicz y other small breweries (Matuška, Žatec, Chotěboř). That was followed by a planned surprise in the shape of beer games at the Samsa Café, where our group could test their tasting skills and also enjoy some beers from Pivovar Polička. Photogallery.