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Sdružení přátel piva


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Moderated degustations

 What a symbolic coincidence – our moderated beer tasting took place in the premises of Tabor Castle and its former brewery (now the Wellness Hotel Dvorak). Actually it was in the lager beer maturing cellar converted now to the restaurant. This time it was the Hewlett-Packard employees and their partners who could test their expertise in the recognition of top brands of beers. There were available such rare vintages as Gruut Amber Ale or Lambic Gueuze of Lindemans, as well as the heavy ones of Bush Ambreé versus the Czech X-33 of U Medvidku or the archived Cuveé de Chateau of 2001 produce. These could be compared with another beer on a record of consumerism: that one whose publicity is most deceitful to the consumers.

Describing details cannot match the authentic participation in the event. Sampling our beer archives is a bit of learning too: what is the real beer, how demanding it is to prepare its top brands and when to select a particular beer. Experiencing the beer can become a cultural event and a competition, too. The blind sampling quiz brought some surprising winners whose reward was a free treatment in local beer spas. That is also a unique experience. The photo gallery of the event is available HERE.

  On February 14th 2013 there was held a meeting of the ČEPS joint stock company, the exclusive operator of the Czech electricity transmission, withe their commercial partners. The meeting took place in the beautiful historical premises of Malostransky Palace. Except for the festive dinner, cocktail bar and several musical performances, the participants could enjoy the selection of Czech and foreign special beer brews offered at the stand of Czech Beer Tours. There was present Mr. Jan Suran, one of the best beer stewards, beer arbiters and the present president of the Czech-Moravian Union of Minibreweries.
It was our honour to contribute to such a prestigious event by an offer that received a wide acclaim. The photogallery can be seen here:

 On 12 December 2012 one of the most successful events of the Czech Beer Toors took place in The Brewery Court (Pivovarsky Dvur) of Southern Bohemia. The snowbound environment outside of the neigbouring Zvikov Royal Castle was complemented with the cosy venue heated by a fireplace so that all participants coming from the ELIT-CZ company could enjoy both the sight-seeing of the brewery and the moderated culinary tasting of the Czech beer gastronomy.
There was served a menu of 6 courses where the participants could assess under the guidance of an expert facilitator how various types of beer could match the taste of meals. The degustation was conducted by Mr. Ales Dockal whose mastery was rewarded by a lasting applause.

 28.11.2012 – An evening dedicated to beers, but each a different one. That is what the partners of YOUR SYSTEM, spol. s.r.o. could experience in the winter garden of Záležitost, a restaurant in Prague – Žižkov. Besides a moderated tasting of Czech beers, the program included two tables of “Beer Roulette” full of valuable beer prizes. But even those who didn’t win at the roulette didn’t go home empty handed, our team prepared a Christmas gift pack that included samples of imported beer as well as a special bottle of Benedikt 12º, from Břevnovský Pivovar, with a custom label, and on top of it, a sample of Christmas beer cookies. It was a nice Christmas evening with a lot of fun. You can see some pictures here:

 20.11.2012 – Hotel Akademie Naháč was the stage of another even organised by CZECH BEER TOURS. This time, it consisted of a moderated tasting of Czech special beers that was prepared for the sales team of the multinational pharmaceutical company Pfizer. The tasting, and the presentation as a whole, took place in a rather atypical environment, most of the participants were from the more beautiful half of the human race. The pleasant time over a beer, the relaxed conversation between specialists and laypeople and the constant interest of the participants is proof that among women, beer is becoming as interesting as wine thanks to its much greater variety of colours and flavours. You can see images of this event here: